Right Wing Round-Up: Started a Riot

  • Jordan Green @ Raw Story: ‘I started a riot for the sitting president’: Why Ali Alexander won’t go to jail for his role in Jan. 6.
  • Kaila Philo @ Talking Points Memo: DeSantis Couldn’t Net Any Election Fraud Prosecutions, So Florida GOPers Want to Change the Law.
  • Media Matters: Alex Jones says “a gang of racist, foaming at the mouth Black people” are coming for your family, advises audience to “kill every person you need to.”
  • Josephine Harvey @ HuffPost: Lauren Boebert Appears To Pray For Joe Biden’s Death In Texas Sermon.
  • Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern @ Slate: Dobbs Was Always Just the Beginning.
  • Joe Jervis: Creationist House Committee Chair Hands Out Dozens Of Bibles, Calls On Members To Read It In Full This Year.
  • Michael Luciano@ Mediaite: Tucker Carlson Complains Biden Is Appointing Too Many Non-Whites to Federal Courts: ‘Race-Based Hiring.’