Right Wing Round-Up: Stand and Fight

  • Nikki McCann Ramirez @ Rolling Stone: GOP Senator Stands Up and Tries to Fight Witness During Hearing.
  • Oklahoma Senator Markwayne Mullin stood up and tried to fight a congressional witness during a Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing on Tuesday.

  • Zack Beauchamp @ Vox: When Trump tells you he’s an authoritarian, believe him.
  • Donald Trump is currently testing the limits of that unwritten rule by all but openly campaigning on a platform of tearing democracy down.

  • Ron Dicker @ HuffPost: Steve Bannon Calls Donald Trump A ‘Moderate’ In Ominous Warning.
  • Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon said the ex-president is actually a “moderate” who will be succeeded by far more extreme MAGA disciples.

  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: ‘Her Behavior Has Been Disgraceful!’ Ben Shapiro Destroys Colleague Candace Owens for ‘Ridiculous’ Israel Rhetoric.
  • A video making the rounds on social media appears to show Daily Wire founding editor Ben Shapiro slamming his colleague Candace Owens for her “disgraceful” commentary on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

  • Steven Monacelli @ The Texas Observer: These Are the Right-Wing Ideologues Taking Over School Boards.
  • Over the last three years, an interconnected network of political action committees (PACs), largely funded by billionaires who support school privatization, has begun to transform the nature of local school board elections across Texas. They’ve done this with the help of consultants whose efforts have largely gone unnoticed.

  • Media Matters: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly: “They say that Donald Trump is like Hitler, he’s using the same words that Hitler used. Well, Hitler used the word chair, OK?”
  • They say that Donald Trump is like Hitler, he’s using the same words that Hitler used. Well, Hitler used the word chair, OK? I sit in a chair.

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