Right Wing Round-Up: Space Pirates

  • Bettina Ramón @ Medium: Abortion Restrictions Aren’t About Life — They’re About Power.
  • Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: One America News Network hires Seth Rich conspiracy theorist Chanel Rion as a “political correspondent”.
  • Ed Mazza @ HuffPost: Ted Cruz Makes Serious Call For Trump’s Space Force To Fight Space Pirates.
  • Sam Brodey & Sam Stein @ The Daily Beast: Republicans Aren’t All Thrilled by Alabama’s Anti-Abortion Law.
  • Joe Jervis: Trump Pardons Ex-Con Fraudster Who Wrote Fawning Pro-Trump Book, Called Charlottesville A “False Flag”.
  • Ken Meyer @ Mediaite: Ukrainian Prosecutor Refutes Biden Allegation from Trump Allies: ‘We Do Not See Any Wrongdoing’.
  • Ted Hesson @ Politico: Trump’s pick for ICE director: I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes.