Right Wing Round-Up: No Factual Basis

  • Andrew Prokop @ Vox: Bill Taylor dropped a bombshell in his impeachment hearing opening statement.
  • Addy Baird @ BuzzFeed: Republicans Got The Public Hearings They Wanted. Now They Say They’re Too Boring.
  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Devin Nunes’ Trump defense fails to include much of a Trump defense.
  • Mediaite: Trump Fires Back at Impeachment With Wild Video Claiming Dems Want to Take Away Guns, Health Care, Vote, Freedom, ‘Everything.’
  • Megan H. @ Friendly Atheist: Franklin Graham, Without Irony, Defends Trump By Saying God “Detests Lying Lips.”
  • Bob Brigham @ Raw Story: George Kent destroys right-wing conspiracy theory Ukraine interfered in 2016 election: ‘No factual basis.’