Right Wing Round-Up: Fire Power

  • With Nikki Haley reportedly set to announce that she is running for president against former President Donald Trump, Lauren Witzke wants Haley deported (Haley was born South Carolina).
  • Now that he is boycotting the “FlashPoint” television program over Hank Kunneman’s ties to “false prophets” Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock, Mario Murillo announced that he and right-wing pastor Todd Coconato will be launching their own television program called “Fire Power.”
  • Charlie Kirk has been announced as the keynote speaker at the Zelenko Freedom Foundation’s inaugural gala in March. The organization is named after Vladimi Zelenko, a right-wing COVID-19 skeptic, and is run by QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel.
  • Nick Fuentes says that cops and priests will be the cornerstone of his hoped for police state in which people who don’t convert to Catholicism are sent to jail.
  • Finally, Andrew Torba continues his quest to tout the supposed benefits of building a Christian nationalist AI: “In fact, AI will replace most of the jobs women entered the workforce to do. Which will leave them no choice but to take the job that AI can never replace: being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen as a loving wife and mother.”