Right Wing Round-Up: A National Donument

  • Justin Baragona @ The Daily Beast: Tucker Goes Full Tinfoil Hat: Maybe the Vaccine ‘Doesn’t Work’ and ‘They’re Not Telling You That.’
  • Justin Horowitz: Frequent Fox guest Charlie Kirk praises and endorses Tucker Carlson’s “replacement” theory.
  • Caleb Ecarma @ Vanity Fair: White Nationalists Sure Don’t Think Tucker Carlson’s “Replacement” Segment Is About Voting Rights.
  • Joe Jervis: Cawthorn Bill Would Make Border Wall Natl “Donument.”
  • Zoe Tillman @ BuzzFeed: Prosecutors Disclosed New Evidence That The Oath Keepers Were Ready To Bring A Stash Of Firearms To The Capitol.
  • Tommy Christopher @ Mediaite: John Cornyn Comically Deflates When Biden Nominee Explains Her ‘Racist Theory’ About Black Superiority Was Satire.
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Christian Minister Gives God Credit for Vibrating Poster Caused by A/C Unit.
  • Zachary Petrizzo @ Salon: Former Trump official Sebastian Gorka banned from YouTube over election conspiracy theories.