Right Wing Round-Up – 8/9/13

  • Jeremy Hooper: FRC’s VP of Church Ministries: We may have to use armed

    resistance against our government; God ‘not a pacifist.’

  • Catherine Thompson @

    TPM: Scott Walker Fires Top Official Who Compared Undocumented Immigrants To Satan.

  • Alan Colmes: Alan speaks to Gordon Klingenschmitt.
  • Luke Brinker @ Equality Matters: WND’s Farah: It’s “Bigotry” To

    Protect LGBT People From Discrimination.

  • Scott Keyes @ Think Progress: Oklahoma

    Congressman Comes Out As A Birther.

  • Chris Rodda: Where is that Simon & Schuster

    edition of “The Jefferson Lies” that David Barton has been promising?

  • David

    Edwards @ Raw Story: Gohmert: ‘Radical Islamists’ taking Spanish lessons ‘because we don’t fear