Right Wing Round-Up

  • The Stranger may hate “Family Guy,” but finds that “when viewed through the lens of a furious American Family Association, it becomes much more entertaining.”
  • In entirely predictable fashion, Bill O’Reilly is responding to the outrage over his stalking and ambush of Think Progress blogger Amanda Terkel by lashing out at Think Progress.
  • Good As You reports that Washington state Senator Val Stevens has teamed up with Concerned Women For America to fight the “hidden agenda homosexual activists have promoted for more than 35 years.”
  • Dan Gilgoff is reporting that Randall Terry, who is leading the charge in protesting President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame, has a bit of a bishop problem.
  • Cenk Uygur is understandably miffed that supporters of Bobby Jindal are using his voice in a web ad touting Jindal as the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2012.