Right Wing Round-Up

  • Mary E. Hunt explains that the Cardinal Newman Society, which has been leading the outrage against Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama, is really just a small group that  “monitors speakers, professors, students, and organizations on all the campuses and squeals every time its version of Catholic orthodoxy is transgressed,” and is especially obsessed with “The Vagina Monologues.”
  • Speaking of Catholics, Joe Sudbay notes that, according to a new Gallup poll, they are actually more liberal on a range of social issues than are non-Catholics, meaning that it is people like Bill Donohue who are out of the mainstream.
  • Good As You catches the Traditional Values Coalition comparing Obama to Nazis.
  • AU reports that 77-year-old retired public school teacher Chuck Sheldon, founder and executive director of the group Our Godly American Heritage, is on a crusade to get the Bible to be taught in Idaho’s schools.
  • Finally, Pam’s House Blend had a couple of good posts:  the first noting that Sarah Palin’s new Attorney General has a rather rabidly anti-gay past; and the second noting that Focus on the Family is trumpeting a bunch of unsubstantiated anecdotes in order to whip up fear over efforts to provide equality.