Right Wing Round-Up

  • Dan Gilgoff reports that retired NFL Coach Tony Dungy, who endorsed an Indiana ballot initiative banning gay marriage in 2007 and accepted an award from the right-wing Indiana Family Institute, has been invited to join the White House’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. We have released a statement criticizing the move, as has Americans United – and Pastor Dan likewise disapproves and Sarah Posner says the White House is running low on slots to “represent a cross-section of American religion.”
  • As Steve Benen says “It’s had to argue with logic like that.”
  • Religion Clause notes that Sen. Charles Grassley says he may subpoena records from those televangelists who have failed to cooperate with him in his investigation of their financial dealings.
  • David Neiwert catches Newt Gingrich advocating draconian measures for drug users in America.
  • AU’s Rob Boston is hoping that “Obama’s future appointments annoy the Religious Right as much as [David Hamilton] has.”
  • Terry Krepel reports that the Western Journalism Center is back.
  • Pam notes that Sally Kern fits right in among the legislators in Oklahoma.