Right Wing Round-Up

  • Via Alex Koppelman we get this National Journal article reporting that John McCain is “angry and frustrated that, despite the risks he took in pushing immigration reform, Hispanic voters flocked to Democrat Barack Obama in last year’s presidential contest. McCain’s raw emotions burst forth recently as he heatedly told Hispanic business leaders that they should now look to Obama, not him, to take the lead on immigration.”
  • Geoffrey R. Stone argues that what a recent report on the American Bar Association’s ratings of Republican and Democratic judicial nominees really shows is that “the mainstream of legal thought is out of sync with what the Republican Party thinks it should be.”
  • AU highlights some horror stories from a voucher school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Lynn Paltrow responds to an attack from TVC’s Andrea Lafferty, explaining that Lafferty should actually be supporting efforts to defend “drug-addicted women from prosecutions for endangering their unborn babies” because “threatening pregnant women with prosecution creates an incentive for them to have abortions.”
  • Tips-Q notes that Newt Gingrich is really making nice with the American Family Association and is even providing quotes for their OneNewsNow articles.
  • Pam notes that FRC continues to try and scare up opposition to hate crimes legislation by warning that its passage will lead to rampant religious persecution.
  • Greg Sargent reports that Ted Olson has come to the defense of Harold Koh, calling him a “man of great integrity.”