Right Wing Round-Up

  • Dan Gilgoff reports that Rick Warren, despite bailing on his scheduled weekend interview, is “eager to schedule another high-profile TV interview to clarify his views on gay marriage and Proposition 8, California’s recently adopted gay marriage ban.”
  • Ed Brayton goes after Jane Chastain for trying to pass off a fake quote from James Madison.
  • Pam reports that openly gay Iowa state Senator Matt McCoy received death threats on the day that anti-marriage equality activists were scheduled to rally outside the Capitol.
  • Like Andrew Sullivan, we find this ad to be incomprehensible.
  • Good as You finds Concerned Women for America likening the Day of Silence to encouraging kids to drink or smoke crack.
  • John Aravosis debated Dennis Prager on the issue of marriage equality, during which Prager repeatedly insisted that gay marriage was a more important issue than the economy.