Right Wing Round-Up

  • As Good as You says, you don’t get to call your ad campaign a rousing success when all of the coverage of it has come in the form of mockery.
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry really seems to be going off the deep end, as Daily Kos explains.
  • He’s also being, as Steve Benen notes, something of a hypocrite.
  • On top of that, Perry also appeared on Michael Savage’s radio program which, given Savage’s long history of offensive statements, is truly remarkable.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2009/04/15/10686 “>highlights a truly bizarre bill introduced in response to the Iowa marriage ruling that states “a person shall not be compelled to recognize a marriage solemnized in this state if such recognition conflicts with the person’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.”
  • The ACLU says that two Tennessee public school districts are preventing students from accessing online information about LGBT issues while allowing them to access information from anti-gay groups.
  • Greg Sargent reports that DHS did, in fact, release a report on “left wing extremists,” while Media Matters chronicles the continuing freak out by conservatives about the report on right wing extremists.
  • Finally AU’s Rob Boston weighs in on the premature obituary being written about the Religious Right yet again, noting smartly that “the Religious Right is so closely identified with the Republican Party that its fortunes are now tied to that political unit. You might have noticed that the Republicans aren’t doing so well right now. That means the Religious Right isn’t doing so well either.”