Right Wing Round-Up

  • Christy Hardin Smith captures the essence of right-wing opposition to Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Media Matters has put together a large collection of right-wing commentators smearing Sotomayor as a bigot which, as Dave Neiwert points out, is itself rather ironic.
  • As Jed Lewison explains, Ronald Reagan was the original “reverse sexist,” while FireDogLake notes that Republicans were once huge fans of things like diversity, which they are now decrying as crass identity politics.
  • Want to know who the leading right-wing activists are in opposing Sotomayor’s nomination?  TPM has the details.
  • Sarah Posner points out that Tony Perkins’ new Call 2 Fall effort includes the pastor who oversaw the attempted “rehabilitation” of Ted Haggard.
  • Finally, Matthew Yglesias wonders why conservatives need a “Center for American Progress for the right” when CAP itself was founded to be the Heritage Foundation of the left.