Right Wing Round-Up

  • Dave Meyer says that Mel Martinez should join Senator McCain in denouncing Tom Tancredo’s smear against La Raza, while Ta-Nehisi Coates writes that “Tom Tancredo knows very little about Latinos, La Raza or the KKK. He is the embodiment of conservative ignorance. He is the apex of Schiavo, ‘white hands,’ creationist museums, and, presently, the notion that the thrice-married should carry the banner for marriage.”
  • Media Matters catches Rush Limbaugh being his usual charming self regarding Sonia Sotomayor, while Think Progress catches G. Gordon Liddy doing him one better.
  • BarbinMD notes that Republicans have been trying to keep Sotomayor off the Supreme Court for ten years.
  • Watertiger at FDL offers a tough little quiz called “Which Judge Said This?”
  • Brian Beutler points out that if Wendy Long wants to complain that the Sotomayor nomination “is turning into an argument about race and identity politics,” she has only herself to blame.
  • Jeremy highlights Peter LaBarbera’s hypocrisy.
  • Finally, Mother Jones’ legal adviser James Chadwick sets Liz Cheney straight on the meaning of libel.