Right Wing Round-Up

  • As Think Progress reports, Pat Buchanan really is a disgraceful person.
  • Alex Koppelman says that Bill O’Reilly remained true to form last night in commenting on the murder of George Tiller, using it as an opportunity to go after his opponents: “pro-abortion zealots,” “Fox News haters,” “the far left.”
  • On a related note, John Amato catches Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council accidentally referring to Tiller as “Dr. Killer” while appearing on MSNBC.
  • Eric Boehler points out that the media keeps reporting on the conservative outcry over Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” quote without explaining what the actual context of the quote.
  • Media Matters reports that the reason Republicans opposed Sotomayor the last time around was because they were afraid that she might someday be nominated to the Supreme Court.
  • Dave Weigel quotes Manuel Miranda saying Sotomayor could very well “Bork herself” during her hearings and elsewhere saying that “Hispanics think just like everyone else. We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else.”