Right Wing Round-Up

  • Eric Bohelert explains that if Holocaust Museum killer James von Brunn was “targeting” the Weekly Standard, he was also “targeting” The Washington Post … and the White House.
  • Do you want to listen to nine minutes of Neal Horsley singing about the murder to George Tiller and other heroic acts.  If so, Alan Colmes has the video.
  • Greg Sargent reports that Joe Scarborough is accusing Paul Krugman of fanning “left wing hate.”
  • As Steve Benen notes, maybe Sarah Palin just likes to engage in feuds.
  • David Weigel informs us that we can now “Stand With Carrie Prejean” … by donating to the National Organization for Marriage.
  • Finally, if we are determining which team to root for in the NBA Final based on their owners, Dave Zirin says we should be rooting against the Orlando Magic, which is owned by right-wing multi-millionaire Richard DeVos.