Right Wing Round-Up

  • Adam Serwer explains that while “the anti-gay-rights movement has long sought to use the relative religiosity of the black community to marshal its support,” it’s running into problems in Washington, D.C. where “the face of LGBT leadership in D.C. is often black.”
  • Dan Gilgoff interviews Galen Carey, Richard Cizik’s replacement at National Association of Evangelicals.
  • Alex Koppelman points out that Sen. Jim DeMint is seeking donations of $17.76 because “the only way to take back our freedom is to return to the constitutional principles our founding fathers promised in 1776.” Of course, the Constitution wasn’t actually written until 1787.
  • David Weigel notes that TownHall is trying to get in on Birther bucks.
  • BlueTexan lets us know that the joke that is Joe the Plumber is still going strong.
  • Zachary Roth reports that Gov. Mark Sanford says he has a lot in common with King David.