Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters catches Rush Limbaugh declaring that Sotomayor’s “wise latina” remarks are “much worse” than George Allen’s “macaca” comment.
  • Is Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach a birther?
  • Get to know Audra Shay, the new Chairman of the Young Republicans.
  • Pat Buchanan suggests that Todd Palin ought to drown Levi Johnston.
  • Jed Lewison points out the Gov. Mark Sanford might lose his top-secret security status due to the fact that relationships with foreigners must be revealed. Needless to say, he did not reveal his.
  • On a related note, Rachel Maddow continues her reporting on the secretive house on C Street.
  • Finally, Pam Spaulding notes that The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is seeking to remove the president of its Los Angeles chapter due to his support for marriage equality.