Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters: Fox trumpets CAIR conspiracy theory charges made by author with anti-Islam history.
  • TPM: RNC Web Site Pays Tribute To Ronaldus Magnus. (See also “Meet The Writer Steele Used To Buff Party’s Image.)
  • Steve Benen: Shadegg’s “Soviet-Style” Stupidity.
  • Why does every endorsement in which Mike Huckabee is involved seem to carry a massive price tag?
  • Orly Taitz is not happy with the $20,000 fine she is facing.
  • SF Appeal: Stand For Marriage Maine complains that the opposition to the marriage ban now on the ballot in Maine comes from “mostly from the gay activist political elite from all corners of the nation, including Hollywood, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts” but the group displays a different attitude when it comes to sending its money out of state.