Right Wing Round-Up

  • Good As You makes a convincing case that Ryan Sorba get into anti-gay activism thanks to Scott Lively.
  • Also, if you missed the right-wing anti-DADT repeal press conference at CPAC, Good As You has all the video.
  • Speaking of DADT, Media Matters examines all the myths and falsehoods conservative media figures have pushed in their efforts to prevent repeal.
  • John McCain is whacking his Republican primary challenger for his Birtherism with a new ad.
  • Allow me to quote Steve Benen: “So, let me get this straight. Prominent conservative voices don’t mind [Glenn] Beck’s deranged conspiracy theories, his humiliating ignorance, and his hatred for those who don’t think as he does. But these conservative voices mind a great deal if Beck notes that Republicans have an embarrassing record when it comes to deficit reduction, the national debt, government spending, and increasing the size and scope of the federal government’s powers — an observation that happens to be true. What an odd movement.”
  • Finally, in the annals of idiotic right-wing lying hypocrisy, this is hard to beat.