Right Wing Round-Up – 2/7/12

  • PFAW: PFAW Commends Ninth Circuit Ruling on Prop 8.
  • Towleroad: Bill O’Reilly Rips Wingnut for One Million Moms ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Michael Lester @ TPM: MSNBC Guest Compares Birth Control Fight To 1930s Germany.
  • John Gehring @ Faith in Public Life Action: Rick Santorum’s Cruel Conservatism.
  • Media Matters: CBS To Receive Award From Fringe Group At CPAC.
  • John Fea: Hey Newt, The Lincoln-Douglass Debates Weren’t That Great.
  • Kristin Rawls @ AlterNet: How Deep Is the Republican Christian Right’s Connection to the Anti-Gay Bills Sweeping Sub-Saharan Africa?