Right Wing Round-Up

  • Chris Rodda @ Dispatches From the Culture Wars: Michele Bachmann Lies About Her Own Family History To Sound More Iowan.
  • Lee Fang @ Think Progress: Bristol Palin’s Nonprofit Paid Her Seven Times What It Spent On Actual Teen Pregnancy Prevention.
  • David Weigel: Sharia, USA: The conservative panic about Muslim laws in Oklahoma.
  • Ryan J. Reilly @ TPM: O’Keefe Hits Up Supporters For Cash, Mingles With D.C. Conservatives.
  • John Aravosis @ AMERICAblog: Religious right hate group accuses Calvin Klein of hiding f-bomb in scantily clad NY billboard.
  • Media Matters: Pat Robertson: “The Problem Is” Ivory Coast “Has Been Run By A Christian That’s Going To Be Into The Hands Of Muslims.”
  • Towleroad: VA Gov. Bob McDonnell: I Don’t Want Gay Couples Adopting Children.