Right-Wing Pastor Denise Goulet Declares That Trump Is the Apple of God’s Eye

While campaigning in Nevada Sunday, President Donald Trump again attended a service at the International Church of Las Vegas, where he was prophesied over by pastor Denise Goulet, who declared that Trump will win a second term because he is “the apple of [God’s] eye.”

Goulet claimed that she received a word from God just that morning that Trump will be reelected, and explained that the prophesy carried various meanings.

“At 4:30, the Lord said to me, ‘I am going to give your president a second win,'” Goulet declared. “Now, this has three meanings. A win that you will be the president again. And win that when an athlete is running a marathon, there’s such a thing as a second win, where you come to a point where you have no energy … and you feel like you have no strength, but all of a sudden, the lungs of this athlete has been trained in high altitudes, [and] the athlete is able to get so much energy to at least finish the marathon.”

“This is what the Lord saying,” she added. “He says he has made your lungs, your body, your spirit, your strength, he has made it in such a way that you have been trained in such high-pressured places in the last four years—and even before that—and the Lord said, ‘He is ready for the next four years, and I’m giving him a second win.’ Do you understand that?”

Apparently not realizing that the term for this phenomenon is “second wind,” not “second win,” Goulet then asserted that the term “second wind” meant that Trump was about to receive “another infilling of the Holy Spirit.”

“And there’s also this a second wind, if you add ‘d,’ it’s the Holy Spirit,” Goulet continued. “And the Lord showed me today that you are coming to get a second wind, another infilling of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit makes you able to finish. Take this to the end, Mr. President. And then he said to me that you were the apple of his eye—that’s what we are, friends, we’re the apple of his eye—and that he’s protecting you like he is protecting the ancient foundations of our nation. God wants to be in the middle of our nation.”