Right Wing Leftovers – 9/13/12

  • Karen Handel, the former vice president of the Susan G. Komen Foundation who lead the fight to end funding to Planned Parenthood, is out with a new book entitled “Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.”
  • The Family Research Council will honor Leo Johnson, the building manager who was shot last month during the attack on FRC headquarters, at the upcoming Values Voter Summit.
  • Homeschool guru Michael Farris reveals that he was recently invited to meet privately with Mitt Romney to discuss the issue of education.
  • If President Obama is re-elected, it can only mean one thing: that God is judging America.
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann recorded a message in which she desperately pleads for donations to her re-election campaign: