Right Wing Leftovers – 8/16/12

  • Bryan Fischer is using yesterday’s shooting at FRC headquarters as an opportunity to demand that the Southern Poverty Law Center remove “both FRC and AFA from its hate group list.”
  • Anti-Mormon ativist Steven Andrew says Robert Jeffress must “repent for disobeying Scripture by endorsing Mormon Mitt Romney.”
  • Jerome Corsi seems to have now become utterly fixated on proving that President Obama is gay.
  • Bishop EW Jackson says that “if leftists want to find racism, they can look in the mirror to see the paternalistic face of modern racism in America.”
  • James Dobson declares that Romney has to start talking about social issues in order to motivate the Religious Right because “our country will never recover from four more years with Barack Obama at the helm.”
  • Finally, are you sometimes confused about whether the videos we post to YouTube deserve a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down?  You are not alone:

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