Right Wing Leftovers – 8/10/12

  • David Barton claims that two New York publishers “larger than Thomas Nelson” have already expressed an interest in picking up “The Jefferson Lies.” And given Barton’s well-established credibility, it must be true.
  • I hope Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillip has a spare three-quarters of a million dollars on hand because he has a pretty large hotel bill to settle.
  • You’ll have to forgive us for not placing much faith in “Democrats” who go on AFA radio and sound exactly like the Religious Right.
  • Quote of the day from Janice Shaw Crouse: “If Hollywood put out a casting call for a leading man to play the president of the United States, Mitt Romney would fit the bill to perfection.”
  • It seems that Todd Bentley is not receiving a very warm welcome in England. Kicking old women in the face tends to do that.
  • Finally, who doesn’t want to watch a “Regis and Kelly” style program hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich!?

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