Right Wing Leftovers – 7/26/13

  • Harry Jackson says President Obama’s remarks on the Trayvon Martin case were “great” because it was like

    a “balm of healing to blacks who feel left out.” He obviously needs to be set straight by Glenn Beck.

  • Liberty

    Counsel’s radio program today was about the need to prevent the

    confirmation of Thomas Perez, who was confirmed last week.  Good timing.

  • Accuracy in Media will hold a

    press conference next week to launch the “Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.” We are sure they will finally get results!

  • According to WND, Sally Kern is

    set to introduce Scott Lively’s legislation in Oklahoma that will grant anti-gay Christians an unlimited right to discriminate.

  • “Coach” Dave is sick of all the racists, especially

    the ones who voted for President Obama.

  • Finally, FRC rallies the prayer warriors: “May God raise a spiritual militia in every

    community – to stand in the gap for our nation – armed, not with carnal, but spiritual weapons. May we be like the Colonial militias

    which, while neither perfectly regimented nor splendidly uniformed, prevailed. May we be led by the Spirit, and equipped with God’s

    Word. May we persevere against every distraction and discouragement to see God magnified again in our churches and nation! … God, raise

    up specialists – prayer warriors who can become issue experts in the many battlefronts we face – economy, national defense, Life,

    marriage and human sexuality, Israel, etc. For every stronghold that the devil has erected may God raise up prayer groups that will tear

    them down – till we see all things subject to Him!”