Right Wing Leftovers – 7/13/12

  • Alan Keyes says the choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney is “a choice between Satan and Beelzebub.”
  • Concerned Women for America continues its recent tradition of producing truly ridiculous blog posts.
  • Rick Scarborough says “Islam isn’t just another false religion, but a murderous cult whose power and influence waxes worldwide.”
  • Matt Barber insists that “we can’t ignore the homosexual aspect” of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes.
  • James Robison issues a call to arms: “America and freedom will not be preserved unless those who know God take the boldest possible united stand against the lies prevailing in our land. True believers and freedom loving Americans must return to the truth and face the enemies of it with the same boldness that birthed our great nation. They must stop believing lies about marriage, morality, our constitutional republic, and the proper role of the federal government.”
  • Bryan Fischer and the Susan B. Anthony List quickly shoot down the Condi Rice for VP trial balloon.
  • Finally, I am sure you will all be waiting in line to get tickets to see “Finding Faith,” a movie starring Erik Estrada that is being shot at Liberty University.

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