Right Wing Leftovers – 7/12/12

  • The Alliance Defense Fund explains why it changed its name to the Alliance Defending Freedom.
  • Even by the low standards of what we expect from CWA, this piece is remarkably inane.
  • Peter LaBarbera says “I would be in favor of legislation making it harder, for example, for homosexuals to adopt children, because I don’t think its healthy for children to be robbed of a mother or a father intentionally in the name of gay rights.”
  • FRC’s latest prayer alert declares that “Obamacare is tyranny” that must be overturned “even civil disobedience, if necessary.”
  • Finally, a fired aide claims to have caught Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll engaged in a sexual encounter with a female employee. This is Carroll speaking on the need for “Christians to step up and lead this country on a proper moral path” last year at a Ralph Reed rally:

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