Right Wing Leftovers

  • How cool is Facebook?  So cool that even the hipsters over at the American Family Association now have their own page.
  • John Hagee writes that he is praying “fervently for [Barack Obama’s] success” and calls on the Religious Right, when they disagree with the new president, to do so with “the same civility and respect that he has thus far shown to us.”
  • The AP reports that the Arkansas Family Council is trying to intervene in a lawsuit stemming from the recent passage of the law banning gays from adopting children, arguing that the current Attorney General is not supporting of the law and trying to bring in the Alliance Defense Fund to help defend it.
  • Much like the right-wing criticisms that helped sink Mike Huckabee’s presidential aspirations, some commentators are now saying that Gov. Bobby Jindal “doesn’t actually walk his conservative talk.”
  • Phill Klein now has his own website called Stand With Truth where he can share his views:
  • President Obama did not mention abortion once in his inaugural address despite the issue being the most divisive in our nation. Just as President Franklin Pierce did not once mention slavery in his only inaugural address in 1853, less than a decade before the issue plunged the nation to war.

    On abortion, politician Obama has survived through political calculation, deception and with gratitude to a self-indulgent culture full of distraction and willful ignorance. And his first actions have been aggressively opposed to this significant civil rights issue. Yet, President Obama will not escape the judgment of history.

  • Finally, last week we noted that Sen. Orrin Hatch had stepped in to help save Rob Schenck’s annual National Service for the Pre-born, allowing it to be held at the new Capitol Visitor Center – now some footage of the event has been put on-line: