Right Wing Leftovers

  • Harry Jackson will be leading an anti-Sebelius rally next week linked to the 30th Annual Maryland March for Life.
  • Speaking of Sebelius, Catholic Advocate, which was just at the center of a controversy for questioning the Catholic commitments of several Democratic lawmakers, has unveiled Catholics Against Kathleen Sebelius.
  • The Washington Times tries to figure out who will become the next James Dobson.  The name that keeps popping up? Rick Warren.
  • Mike Huckabee will be heading to South Carolina in April to make an appearance at a rally for the Fair Tax.
  • The Family Research Council has announced promotions for Tom McClusky and Connie Mackey.
  • The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission targets the SPLC for categorizing various Religious Right groups as “hate groups.”
  • Finally, the Liberty Counsel has filed its brief in the Florida adoption case, saying the “ban adoption by homosexuals” is necessary “because the best interest of children is served by placing them in homes with a mom and a dad or where there is a likelihood of a mom and a dad.” I have no idea what the “likelihood of a mom and a dad” could possibly mean.