Right Wing Leftovers

  • John Feehery takes up the unenviable task of defending George W. Bush from comparisons to Barack Obama, saying “Linking Bush with Obama is not credible. And bashing Bush without at least acknowledging some of his important achievements is counterproductive to the Republican Party.”
  • The Christian Coalition wins again … this time preventing Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia.
  • It looks like the Club for Growth’s Pat Toomey is planning on challenging Sen. Arlen Specter yet again.
  • Focus on the Family warns that atheists are out to destory the National Day of Prayer.
  • Day Gardner commemorates the 157th anniversary of the Dred Scott decision to, predictably, compare it to abortion. Of course, the decision was handed down on this day in 1857, which means its really the 152nd anniversary.
  • Finally, how are Obama and FDR alike?  According to the Eagle Forum, Obama’s use of a teleprompter is like FDR’s use of a wheelchair:
  • This is one of those dirty little secrets about Obama. He is supposed to be a great speaker, but he cannot give a speech without reading it from a script. The press goes to great lengths to conceal this fact by carefully making sure that the Teleprompter does not show up on TV and in pictures. It is a bit like the way the press would never show FDR in a wheelchair so that people would not know that we had a crippled president.