Right Wing Leftovers – 6/20/12

  • The Florida Family Association is targeting James Turley, the board member of the Boy Scouts who opposes the organization’s ban on gay scout leaders, and urging him to resign.
  • A “peaceful, positive, patriotic ‘Flash Mob'” will “Picket-&-Pray” outside the National Education Association’s upcoming convention.
  • GOProud has bravely endorsed Mitt Romney.
  • Concerned Women for America has launched a six-state, $6 million ad campaign attacking President Obama over healthcare reform.
  • Herman Cain says the Obama administration is doing everything it can “to destroy the religious freedom that we have in this country.”
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer knows how to solve the problem of rising healthcare costs: “[E]liminate the federal requirement that hospitals have to treat any patient who shows up.”

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