Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Judicial Confirmation Network takes heart in the fact that “75 percent of Senate Republicans” voted against Elena Kagan’s nomination to be Solicitor General, saying it shows that if President Obama tries to make a similar appoint to the Supreme Court, “there will be a formidable GOP Senate contingent ready to take a stand to protect the Constitution and the Court.”
  • Focus on the Family takes a different view: “The only thing more egregious than Obama’s nominations of pro-abortion, anti-family activists to the Department of Justice is the Senate’s swift confirmation of so many of them, with very few objections.”
  • Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network reported a nearly 10% increase in donations in 2008, giving it $278.7 million in total revenue.
  • For some reason, the AP is running stories about Mike Huckabee comparing abortion to slavery as if this is not something he has been saying for years.
  • The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is using telemarketers to target state legislators who it accuses of blocking their efforts to get a marriage amendment on the ballot.
  • A Roman Catholic bishop in Indiana says he will boycott a pro-life banquet if RNC Chairman Michael Steele is allowed to speak.
  • Sometimes you have to wonder if there is any hook that Day Gardner will not use as an opportunity to decry abortion.
  • The Washington Times is launching it own three-hour syndicated radio program later this spring.
  • Finally, this week’s installment of the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch Weekly featured Rick Berman discussing EFCA.  Berman was billed as “the executive director of the Center for Union Facts,” which he is … but he is better known as a shameless corporate shill who is referred to as “Dr. Evil.