Right Wing Leftovers

  • We can now add Concerned Women for America to the list of right-wing groups opposing David Hamilton, President Obama’s first judicial nominee, while Rod Parsley’s Center for Moral Clarity says “the Senate’s response to this nomination will tell us more about them than it will about the nominee.”
  • Congressman Steve King and others have called on President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Dawn Johnsen. You can see the letter here [PDF].
  • Remember when it was the Republicans who were labeling the Democrats as “the party of no” for opposing President Bush’s agenda?
  • It looks like Sarah Palin’s grandstanding on the stimulus legislation is going to get sidestepped by the state legislature.
  • Richard Viguerie sees the decision by the University of Notre Dame to invite President Obama as a sign of “the general collapse in American institutions and the failure of America’s leadership class.”
  • Focus on the Family is asking people to “pick up the phone or send an e-mail to Barney Frank and tell him they’re disgusted by the fact (he) would use such disgraceful language toward a sitting member of the United States Supreme Court.”
  • Coral Ridge Ministries responds to Truth Wins Out’s recent piece noting that Robert Knight has joined Coral Ridge Ministries.
  • Finally, in an interview with the Action Institute, SC Gov. Mark Sanford was asked if it is a good thing that “faith traditions played a big role in the 2008 presidential race”:
  • It is. But I don’t know if it was more window dressing than not. Obama had Rick Warren speak at the inauguration, and then got some guy of another persuasion to give the benediction. I don’t think you want it as an accoutrement. I think that you want it to show up in policy. In other words, conversation is certainly an important starting point. It can’t be the ending point.