Right Wing Leftovers

  • To the list of things that the Religious Right will cite to prove that John McCain never deserved their support, we can now add to it the fact that his former campaign chief strategist has declared himself “personally supportive” of same-sex marriage rights.
  • The Hill covers yesterday’s Family Research Council briefing on the dangers of casual sex.
  • The University of California, Berkeley is creating a Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements.
  • Barney Frank explains why he thinks Justice Antonin Scalia is a homophobe: “”My view that Justice Scalia is prejudiced against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is based, not on his position on marriage, but entirely on the angry minority opinions he wrote in two Supreme Court cases in which the majority held that gay and lesbian people had certain rights against discrimination regarding private consensual sex and political activity.”
  • Gary Bauer sure does seem to consider himself an expert on just about everything, including drug violence in Mexico.
  • The FRC Action PAC has endorsed Jim Tedisco for Congress representing the 20th district of New York.
  • Rick Santorum says leaders in Iran desire an apocalypse of their own making in order to bring about the return of the religious figure known as the­ 12th Imam.
  • Nope, these people are not paranoid conspiracy theorists at all:
  • A lawyer spearheading the effort in Washington state to bring light to the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president says he was shadowed all day today by officers with the federal Department of Homeland Security, the Snohomish County sheriff’s office and the Everitt city police department.