Right Wing Leftovers – 5/8/12

  • Rick Santorum has finally gotten around to half-heartedly endorsing Mitt Romney.
  • Michele Bachmann told students at Pat Robertson’s Regent University that their graduation was the “literal fulfillment of generations of fervent prayer.”
  • It seems that James O’Keefe won’t be traveling to New Hampshire any time soon.
  • 10 Ways ‘The Avengers’ Are an Example for the Church.
  • Bob Vander Plaats says honoring the three Iowa judges who were ousted by the Religious Right over the gay marriage decision is “an insult to all the 525,000 Iowans who overwhelmingly voted these justices out for judicial activism.”
  • Finally, Jonah Golberg says all the Romney campaign did in letting Richard Grenell resign “was feed crocodiles like [Bryan] Fischer.” Oddly, Goldberg didn’t mention any of that when he appeared on Fischer’s program just last week.

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