Right Wing Leftovers

  • Tony Perkins says Sen. John Ensign’s affair is “why the Republicans are having trouble and have had trouble over the last three years with many voters … because there is a sense of hypocrisy.”
  • Cindy Jacobs has become the chairman of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.
  • Roy Moore says that he sees “a nation that is turning away from God” and complains that “every politician talks about God before they get in office … then the rest of the time they ignore it.”
  • Utah lawmakers are considering a proposal that would give parents the choice between two sex education classes for their children. One class would be abstinence-based while the other would also emphasize abstinence but provide information about contraceptive options. The Utah Eagle Forum supports the idea … except for the part about offering a second class that would provide information about contraceptive options.
  • Finally, guess who Janet Porter had as guest on her radio program yesterday? Bill Keller, the militantly anti-Mormon activist who declared that a vote for Mitt Romney was a vote for Satan.