Right Wing Leftovers

  • Rick Santorum teams up with the National Organization for Marriage.
  • The Parental Rights Amendment now has 110 co-sponsors.
  • The Apostolic and Prophetic Conference is scheduled for Oct. 8 to 10 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Rod Parsley will be there.
  • The Christian Defense Coalition congratulates itself for forcing a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring First Lady Michelle Obama to move indoors after it showed up with a bullhorn.
  • Colleen Raezler of the Culture and Media Institute is not happy with all the gays on TV, saying it is part of an effort “to sell viewers on the idea of accepting homosexuality … They don’t talk about the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases within the gay community … They don’t talk about the fact that their lifestyles are much more unstable; …they don’t have the commitment that married couples have or anything like that. Nor do the programs acknowledge that homosexuals tend to live shorter lives, as statistics point out.”