Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Washington Post reports: A total of 12 forged letters — all appearing to come from local groups unhappy with a climate-change bill — were sent to three congressional offices this summer by a Washington lobbying firm, according to the pro-coal group for which the firm was working. That is six more fraudulent letters than were previously known to have been sent by the firm, Bonner and Associates.
  • Marco Rubio writes that he “could not in good conscience support [Sonia] Sotomayor’s confirmation and would vote against it if I were in the Senate today.”
  • Anyone in the market for a creationism theme park? You are in luck, as one is about to be seized by the government in order to satisfy the $430,400 its owners owed to the federal government in taxes.
  • The Christian Defense Coalition announces that its “Abortion is Not Health Care” campaign will begin on Saturday, September 12, in Washington, D.C. and will “include public prayer vigils, rallies, lobbying, demonstrations and cutting edge pro-life witness on Capitol Hill.”
  • It’s probably not a good sign when Sarah Huckabee has to write a post on the Huck PAC website seeking to answer “a lot of questions from people confused about what the purpose of Huck PAC is.”