Right Wing Leftovers – 5/30/12

  • It looks like NOM’s Brian Brown has accepted Dan Savage’s dinner debate challenge.
  • MassResistance’s Brian Camenker says “Elizabeth Warren is basically a Communist — she’s a supporter of everything conservatives hate.”
  • Tim Graham of the Media Research Center claims that MSNBC is “not just anti-war; they’re anti-military. In particular, they’re anti-American military.”
  • I am sure that this David Brody post declaring that “the Tea Party is alive and kicking” has absolutely nothing to do with him attempting to make the Tea Party still seem relevant because he happens to be writing a book about the movement.
  • Randall Terry has chosen a running mate.
  • Finally, Gary Bauer blames Richard Land’s woes on the Left: “Sensing an opportunity to take down one of the pro-family movement’s most influential leaders, the left pounced and accused Land of racism. In addition, charges of plagiarism were made against him. I’ve known Richard for years and have always respected him as a man of the utmost character and integrity. It is inconceivable that these charges are true. But they remind me of the attacks on Rush Limbaugh and other conservative leaders, including me. The left never misses an opportunity to try to silence conservative voices, and it goes for the jugular every time.”

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