Right Wing Leftovers – 5/25/12

  • Harry Jackson claims he is launching a “new rainbow coalition” consisting of Religious Right leaders dedicated to defending DOMA and fighting marriage equality.
  • On a related note, FRC warns that if the Supreme Court ever rules in favor of gay marriage, it will lead to a “divided nation, because orthodox Christianity simply will not waver in its support for marriage as it has always been defined.”
  • Also, legalizing gay marriage will end up legalizing gay divorce and ultimately “this will result in the destruction of marriage.”
  • GOPround is now attacking Meghan McCain for having criticized Andrew Breitbart. They sure know how to make friends, don’t they?
  • Finally, without a hint of irony, the folks over at Pajamas Media are handing out awards for the most “biased and dishonest” journalism.

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