Right Wing Leftovers – 5/21/13

  • Dozens of anti-gay activists and religious leaders have signed on to a letter calling upon the

    Boy Scouts to reject the proposed change to the policy banning gay scouts.

  • Those opposed to the proposed

    change are complaining that they are not getting enough support from Christians, with Religious Right activist David Lane lamenting that

    “there’s no lobby more vicious than the homosexual lobby, and the 65 to 80 million-member evangelical constituency provides

    no troops for the fight against that lobby.”

  • Peter LaBarbera is calling on “Christian and conservative philanthropists and

    patriotic corporations to step up to the plate” and pledge to support the Boy Scouts financially if the organization loses

    donations by maintaining the ban.

  • Similarly, Bryan Fischer warns that “if sodomy is normalized in the Boy Scouts of America,

    it not only will be a death sentence for the Scouts who get seduced into homosexuality, it will be the end of scouting in the United


  • A right-wing anti-gay French activist killed himself inside of Notre Dame cathedral in protest against the

    legalization of gay marriage in the country.

  • Finally, Ken Cuccinelli says he is glad that E.W. Jackson is on the GOP