Right Wing Leftovers – 5/16/12

  • FRC’s Robert Morrison wants to know “how does the Obama dream castle differ from Mussolini’s formulation [of fascism]?”
  • Bradlee Dean says Rachel Maddow has “endangered my life, my ministry’s life” and claims MSNBC doctored audio to misrepresent what he said.
  • PFOX has filed a sexual orientation discrimination complaint with the Montgomery County (Maryland) Board of Education against its School Superintendent Joshua Starr.
  • Ken Hutcherson defended his campaign to take back the rainbow and the word “gay” in a debate with Alan Colmes.
  • Janet Porter says ESPN commentator Mike Gottfried will be participating in her Heartbeat Bill rally this weekend.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson offers a quick bit of advice to a viewer who wants to know what they should do about a friend who owns a statue of Buddha: Destroy it! 

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