Right Wing Leftovers – 4/5/12

  • Rick Santorum met with a group of Religious Right supporters today to plot strategy and an attempt, once again, to stop Mitt Romney’s march toward the GOP presidential nomination.
  • In related news, I am sure that the bankruptcy of Newt Gingrich’s health care think tank is another one of those brilliant moves that us mere mortals cannot hope to comprehend.
  • The National Organization for Marriage is demanding a “federal investigation of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine who was responsible for releasing NOM’s confidential federal tax return information to the Huffington Post.”
  • From FRC’s latest list of prayer targets: “May the High Court reject Obamacare in its entirety; if not, may the people do so through their elected Congressional Representatives!”
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer insists that the fact that the Constitution uses the word “persons” in the Three-Fifths Compromise proves that the Founding Fathers were not racists: 

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