Right Wing Leftovers

  • It looks like Focus on the Family dropped several million dollars to have the least watched ad of the Super Bowl.
  • Amazingly, Joseph Farah compares his Birtherism to McCarthyism … but, you know, in the good way.
  • Brian Raum of the Alliance Defense Fund, who is involved in the Prop 8 suit, says that entire court hearing has been an attack on religion.
  • Mission America declares anti-discrimination efforts to be fascism.  That’s right, fascism.
  • Over-the-top quote of the day from the Traditional Values Coalition: “A person can no more change his sex than he can change his species. A person can’t become a potato or a giraffe. Yet, the gay, lesbian, transgender movement claims that a person can become the opposite sex. This is madness.”
  • Finally, FRC’s Rob Schwarzwalder says that no American “has the right to obey only those laws he or she wishes. This is the path to moral chaos and political anarchy. It is the road to collapse.” He really ought to have a discussion about that with his colleague, Peter Sprigg.