Right Wing Leftovers

  • Tomorrow, a Vermont judge will decide whether to issue an arrest warrant for Lisa Miller if she continues to refuse to come out of hiding and hand over her daughter.
  • Bishop Harry Jackson will reportedly be leading a rally on Wednesday at the Capitol Visitors Center to try to step up the pressure on Congress to intervene in his DC marriage battle.
  • Hey, let’s all take the AFA’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell poll!
  • Columbus, Ohio police are investigating whether anyone involved in helping Rifqa Bary flee to Florida may have broken the law.  The man who drove her to the bus station has already retained legal representation from the right-wing Thomas More Law Center.
  • Finally, the Quote of the Day from Gary Bauer: “Here is the dirty secret the Left doesn’t want you to know. Joseph Stack’s ‘philosophy,’ to the extent he had one, was closer to the left-wing drivel at Daily Kos and moveon.org than it is to the patriots who are in the Tea Party movement. Joseph Stack printed his manifesto on his business web page yesterday as he took off to try to kill IRS employees. In it he rails at the wealthy, GM executives, drug companies and insurance companies. His rhetoric sounded like Obama style populism – heavy on class warfare … No, Joe Stack wasn’t any conservative – he was a left-wing populist!