Right Wing Leftovers

  • How long before Lauren Ashley becomes the next right-wing hero?
  • James Dobson’s time at Focus on the Family officially ends this week.
  • Mike Huckabee pleads for civility after right-wing bloggers savage him for interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama, saying “it seemed [they] wanted me to bring her on my show only if I yelled at her. Or it seemed they wanted me to hit her.”
  • I have to say that the orchestrated manner in which Liberty University is pressing for its own polling station ought to be enough to give one pause regarding the school’s impact on future elections.
  • Finally, the Quote of the Day from AFA’s Bryan Fischer:  “And why is it that defenders of natural marriage are always the ones who get told to shut up? If advocates for special rights for homosexuals would just shut up, this controversy would go away tomorrow. If they would take their behavior back to the bedroom instead of demanding approval for it in the streets and at conservative conferences, they’d be left alone and this conversation would be unnecessary.”