Right Wing Leftovers – 4/18/12

  • A week after ending his presidential campaign, a fundraising letter from Rick Santorum arrived in Iowa mailboxes saying “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Mitt Romney is the nominee.”
  • That should make for an interesting conversations with Santorum meets with Romney to discuss the possibility of an endorsement.
  • Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is staying in the race because he “owes it to the conservative movement to stay in.”
  • Chuck Colson has reportedly taken a turn for the worse and those close to him say he is near death.
  • Tom Ridge will probably soon find himself under attack from the Religious Right for saying the GOP needs to stop being anti-gay.
  • This Cincinnati Enquirer profile of Janet Porter and the other anti-choice activists behind Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” reports that one of the other ideas considered a proposal to ban abortion “when a fetus sucked its thumb in the womb.”
  • Finally, Cliff Kincaid says “the notion of Obama as an ‘extreme secularist,’ if not a dictator wannabe, is widely shared within the Catholic Church.”